Monday, March 4, 2013

Yes - The Old Town Bar on 18th Street

The day started at a local deli.  I got to Old Town too early -they hadn't opened yet.
So, I had a cup of coffee and sketched a woman speaking on her cell phone.

Suma posted a sketch of the same sketch moment.  I cut out the woman sitting on left
and added the bartender.

What I remember best about the guy at the bar was the hat he was wearing.
I should have spent less time on the bartender's shirt and more on the hat
- which was memorable

New people who come to sketch -
New peopleto draw.
This one is first timer - Jude ..

... and this one is first timer Julie

Although the Old Town wasn't fancy
It had a very comfortable feel.

Our unwitting models, seemed to be
having their own great conversations.

One time I'm going to try to jot down
all the topics of conversation we
have as we sketch together.  It's amazing
how much ground we cover.


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