Monday, March 18, 2013

Brooklyn Museum and more

Last Saturday, on a cold and gray morning, we met at the entrance to the Brooklyn Library. Unlike most of the people we see in bars, train stations or other public spaces, the folks in the library were a stationary bunch. Unlike the sporadic back and forth movement and casual conversations of our usual "sketchees" it was inspiring to see young kids with parents and grandparents working on homework, tutors going over assignments with anxious parents and the plain sight of  a civic space being  used for the common good and the education of the public (no ads, no fees, no exclusion).

Boy on phone while mother is tutored
Grandfather looking over homework. Tutor reviewing homework.
"this is how it's done..."
We veered off to The Brooklyn Botanical garden

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  1. Love the library sketches...a great indoor location to find models.


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