Monday, September 29, 2014


The dates for the weekend in Ithaca with the Canadian and NYC Urban Sketchers is OCTOBER 18-19, 2014.  Most people who are going will go up on Friday the 17th. Some people will stay through Monday as it is a long holiday weekend for Canadians (Canadian Thanksgiving).

There will be 4 organized sketch sites both in the city of Itaca and in surrounding scenic areas.  The schedule will be posted about a week before the event only to those who will be attending.  There will also be an organized dinner on Saturday night.

If you are interested in going there are still 5 rooms (more may be released with increased demand) at the special rate of $129.00  To get this rate call Trip Hotel in Ithaca  1-607-257-2000 and request the special rate for Urban Sketchers. The rate includes a hot breakfast.

If you are planning on attending please let Raylie Dunkel know at so that a list can be distributed for potential car pools.

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