Tuesday, August 25, 2015

My New Sketch Partner

Really sorry I missed the sail and sketch event, but I picked up a new puppy in Ohio and drove over 450 miles back to NYC.  The drive took 2 days and we did some serious bonding, taking our time sketching along the way.  Here is our journey…

Our first stop was a defunct factory with an old diesel locomotive in Mansfield, Ohio.  He watched me from the car, his first exposure to a sketcher.   He is thinking, "Hope he feeds me as well as he draws..."

The pooch slept in the car while I grabbed some breakfast and made a quick sketch of people at the next table - a couple taking the parents out.  

Saw this incredible nuclear reactor and stopped to paint it. 

My dog (named Winslow after my favorite painter) enjoyed watching me paint. Check out the reactors in the background.

Painted this farm late afternoon from the top of a hill.  While sketching, my car battery died because I left something on, but thats another story…

Winslow looked at the sketch and said, "Great job human, now feed me."

Enjoy the remainder of the summer Sketchers, and I promise to see you all soon!


  1. Looks like a fun trip with your cute, new puppy! Maybe he wanted to sketch too. Great sketches...my favorite is the locomotive. Hope to see you soon.

  2. Nice paintings, adorable Winslow, love his name... ( always wanted a weimaraner that i could name Rothko) thanx for sharing..

  3. Nice work, what breed of puppy is that? Too cute!

  4. Winslow is very photogenic! And his dad is mighty talented too.


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