Thursday, March 19, 2020

Sketching Virtually

This note is directed specifically to sketchers who are not using Facebook, or sharing their artwork and comments on line.

This global pandemic is changing a lot of things in our lives.   I"m sure we still can't appreciate how deep and pervasive these changes will be.  However,  there are a number of positive aspects to what's going on.  It's a "stop and smell the roses" moment that helps us appreciate things.  It's also potentially a time to learn new concepts and acquire new skills.

For me using Facebook and other internet things has been like having a window in a small room.  It's a huge help and expands the vista incredibly.

You might already be involved on-line and just need to figure out how to share your artwork.  Or you might have some fundamental issues with Facebook.  They are not a perfect company, but now isn't the time to fight that fight, especially if using the technology can help us get through this together.

If you would like some coaching on how to use the internet and facebook send me an email (  I'll get you paired with a volunteer who can help.  If you already have those skills and would be willing to coach others -  send me an email.

We are having our first virtual sketch event this Saturday.  I'd love it if you could participate.  That means following what's going on, sharing your own work and offering positive supportive comments to your friends and fellow sketchers. 

I hope you'll be able to join us.

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