Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Weekend Sketch Canceled

This is a hard message to write. The highlight of my week, every week, is sketching with the group.  This has been going on for years so it's a consistent wonderful part of my life.  I know that many of you have similar feelings about urban sketching. 

The NYC USk organizers had a meeting yesterday to discuss the CORVID-19 health crisis.  We've also been in touch with many of the organizers of other Urban Sketching groups around the world to discuss this issue.  Depending on your personal situation minimizing contact with others might be difficult.  However sketching together is definitely optional.  It's one easy thing we can all do to minimize potential contagion.

This is sad, because it's very clear we like one another.  We also share a love for sketching.  However there are ways we can continue to sketch, share our artwork and have discussions without sketching in public spaces.  Part of our mission as Urban Sketchers is to share our work online.

This is not a permanent situation.  This will pass and things will return to normal.  Until then we will find creative ways to explore and thrive in this new environment.

We will have more to say about this in the days ahead.

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