Monday, April 13, 2020


Chintana sang-urai has been sketching with NYC Urban Sketchers for the last six years.  Toy, as her friends call her, lives in Philadelphia where she works as an Emergency Room doctor. 

She shared with us that last week her nephew Nick died from Corvid-19.  He was 51 and a healthy jogger who worked as a tech writer for AP.  Nick was actually much more than just a jogger, he was an avid runner who participated in 87 marathons on seven continents.

Toy has asked that we adopt running and jogging as our theme for the week in remembrance of Nick. There is something glorious and freeing about running.  It's a release just thinking about it.  You are welcome to use any source material to explore our theme

  •  Please add the tagline NUS (to explain this is Not an Urban Sketch)  
  • Also add #nycurbansketchers if you want your artwork to be visible on Instagram.

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