Thursday, April 16, 2020

The Next Big Step

We are planning to take a big step soon in our Virtual Sketch Events.    
We’re going to use videoconferencing.  Using videoconferencing means you can see everyone on the call and they will be able to see you.  It comes a little closer sketching together in person and has many fun benefits.  It's also more complicated, so we want to make sure everyone will be able to join us.

We’ll be using Zoom Videoconferencing.  You will need to register first, which is easy. Go to their webpage:  
Signing up is free and will allow you to also create your own videoconferences with your family and friends. If you haven’t tried it yet it is the perfect technology for social distancing.

You need a computer with a camera, or you can use an iPad or other type of tablet, or you can even  user your smart phone (although this is the least attractive solution since the screen is so small.)  We're not going to be using videoconferencing for this coming weekend's virtual event, so you have time to try out the technology.

Our suggestion is that you try out Zoom Videoconferencing by having a meeting with a friend or a family member.  You can learn together.

There are loads of YouTube tutorials to teach you how to use Zoom, including this one:

ZOOM TUTORIAL 2020 | How To Use Zoom STEP BY STEP For Beginners!

*  If you're familiar with Zoom and willing to coach others send an email directly to

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