Monday, April 27, 2020

Weekly Theme: Let's Have a Tea Party

You won’t have to leave the comfort of your own home – you can still enjoy a relaxing cup of tea and a piece of cake or fancy sandwich while you do some sketching. Try a new flavor of tea, or even make your own special treats to accompany your tea. Get in the spirit and dress for the occasion (Hats, Downtown Abbey attire optional. Have fun with the topic - a Mad Hatter Tea Party, a tea ceremony, anything goes.

Be as creative as you like in sketching any subject relating to the theme. Some suggestions below are real time Urban Sketching (US) using objects around your house, and some are Not Urban Sketching (NUS), using reference materials. 

Sketch by Aaron Liebowitz, NYC 

1. Have High Tea at the Russian Tea Room or choose your own favorite spot and draw a scene, decorations, plate of food, etc.
2. What else to sketch: 

3. Draw what you're having with your tea:

  • finger sandwiches
  • scones
  • cake,  cookies 
  • muffins
  • sweet treats 

4. Draw the recipe for your favorite cookie, cake or special tea time treat.

5. Draw with tea

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