Wednesday, November 4, 2020

SATURDAY: Sketch our New England Towns

A Virtual Sketching event created 
and hosted by Andrew Borloz

MORNING: Small New England Towns

This morning, we will be taking the backroads through various small towns in New England. Each one of them is distinct and unique - some are resort towns, university towns, mill towns, harbor towns, shipbuilding villages, farming towns, and mountain towns. A number of them are excellent for shopping/browsing in a "general store" or for attending a festival or an art/crafts fair - often held on the town square, common, or green. Fall is usually the most popular time to explore the towns as many of them often hold special events.

Many of the building styles are vernacular - native to the area and dependent on the plentiful supply of wood. The most prominent feature of these buildings is the clapboard shingling. Other architectural examples are the Cape Cod-style, gables, shutters, saltbox, and barn structures. The church steeples in many of the towns are often the tallest structures - no other buildings were allowed to be built higher than the church steeple.

Later this afternoon, these same backroads will also take us to the covered bridges.

A Few Examples of New England Small Towns:

Newfane, VT - mostly white clapboard buildings with green shutters.

Manchester, VT - outlet stores in NE style.

Grafton, VT - a wide variety of architecture within a small area.

Guilford, CT - by the seashore

Mystic, CT - maritime town

Deerfield, MA - academy town

Stockbridge,MA - charming village in the Berkshires

Portsmouth, NH - harbor town

Keene, NH - a university town

Websites on Small New England Towns

AFTERNOON: Covered Bridges in New England

We are most likely to encounter another type of structure while traveling on the backroads to visit various small New England towns: covered bridges. A good number of them have been preserved or restored, and are often found by the river, near the parks, nature preserves, or forests.

Websites on Covered Bridges:

Wikipedia Entry on Covered Bridge in America:

Covered Bridges in Every New England State:

16 Beautiful Covered Bridges in Vermont:

A few examples of covered bridges:


There are no fees. All drawing skill levels are welcome

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