Monday, November 9, 2020

Weekly Theme: Be Inspired by Your Favorite Artist

Sketch by Marianne Milzoff

This week's sketching theme, suggested by Marianne Milzoff, is "Be Inspired by Your Favorite Artist." We will bring elements of the greats into our drawings. We can learn a lot from the artists of the past, techniques that can be incorporated into our own art. Cezanne's lines and planes influenced Picasso whose cubism influenced David Hockney's work, etc. For this week's theme, take a subject, any subject (people, landscape, sky, flowers, etc) and use your own artistic flair to add aspects of your chosen artist into your work. For example, in the image above, Marianne's incorporated Klee's lines into her figure drawing.


Some ideas:
  • Give your sky a Van Gogh swirl of brilliant color.
  • Experiment with colors like Joan Miro.
  • Take you pencil for a walk  in the spirit of Paul Klee.
  • Try Cubist faces and bodies, a la Picasso.
  • Borrow a little gold from Klimt to light up your painting.
  • Go into your subconscious and splash paint onto your paper as did Lee Krasner and Jackson Pollock.
  • Try other art techniques like we did with Fauvism - examples include Dadaism, cubism. impressionism, pop art, pointillism, etc.
You can also be inspired by our fellow Urban Sketchers artists. What better way to pay homage than bringing forth a characteristic style of that artist (please attribute) and adding it to yours. 

You get the idea, explore and have fun!

If you need some additional inspiration, check here:

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