Tuesday, November 24, 2020

SATURDAY:  Sketch the Roar!

Yes,  it’s the Roaring Twenties!   

The War to End All Wars was over, the world was finally done with a devastating global pandemic.  The lucky people left alive did what we all want to do - they partied!  

They partied, and danced and drank and celebrated like there was no tomorrow.  The clothing was looser and the world was awash in technological marvels.  The roaring twenties was the time when electricity became common in NYC.  Automobiles were becoming a common site and shared the streets with horse drawn carts and carriages.  Women wore short dresses and were called flappers, everyone smoked and everyone was crazy for Jazz.  The Urban Sketchers of their day were part of the Ashcan School.  Alcohol was declared illegal for the entire decade and everyone drank anyway.

The tallest building on earth was here in NYC.  For the entire decade people marveled at the miracle of the Woolworth Building our symbol of capitalism.

On Saturday we are going to explore the world of 100 years ago.  Our focus is the decade and all the things that made it - the Roaring Twenties.  Feel free to explore in any direction you like. 

AM:  The things they did
PM:  The places they went, and what they wore, and all the little details





There are no fees. All drawing skill levels are welcome

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