Tuesday, August 31, 2021


City Hall Park is the public park surrounding NYC Hall.  It's the area that was once considered the town commons in our early history. It’s located in the Civic Center of Manhattan.  

From the park there are loads of sketching choices.   You can sketch the scenic fountain or City Hall. The park is surrounded by skyscrapers and city office buildings.   Across the street to the west is the Woolworth Building - a classic, and one block to the east is the Brooklyn Bridge.  We’re going to spend the morning in the park and will have lunch there together.

In the afternoon Law and Order fans will be delighted that we’ll be sketching the iconic New York County Supreme Court, a two block walk north from the park.


When:  We’ll be meeting on Sunday at 10 AM.  We’ll be sketching all day in case you’re delayed.

Where:  City Hall Park is located between Broadway and Chambers Streets  (See map below)

These subways stations are right by the park
  • City Hall Station N,R,W
  • Chambers Street J,Z
  • Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall 4,5,6

About a two block walk:
  • Chambers Street A,C  
  • World Trade Center - E 

Lunch:  We’ll break for lunch together at noon (12 PM)  It’s Bringyourowni or rely on vendors and stores in the area.

Afternoon:  (1 PM) We will take a leisurely walk two blocks to the north and will use Foley Square as our base camp to sketch the Supreme Court.  The Thurgood Marshal US Courthouse is next door and the FBI building is to the west as well as the Court of International Trade.

Show and Tell:  (3 PM)  We’ll get together in the park for our Show and Tell, the social part of the day when we share our sketches and tell stories

NOTE:  Bring a stool if you have one - it gives you more sketching opportunities

(click to enlarge)

If you can’t find us
call or text Mark - 973-809-9128      

There are no fees. All drawing skill levels are welcome

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