Tuesday, November 2, 2021

SATURDAY, Nov. 6th - Indigenous Peoples of the World

 Let’s sketch, draw and paint the Indigenous Peoples also known as First Peoples, Aboriginal Peoples, or Native Peoples as we travel around the world online. The Indigenous peoples have a special relationship with the land on which they have lived for tens of thousands of years. They possess critical knowledge about how to manage natural resources and act as guardians of the land for future generations. 

There are more than 370 million Indigenous Peoples around the world, spread across more than 90 countries. Indigenous Peoples consist of more than 5,000 different groups speaking over 4,000 languages. Today, the Sami peoples of Scandinavia, the Maya of Guatemala, numerous tribal groups in the Amazonian rainforest, the Dalits in the mountains of Southern India, the San and Kwei of Southern Africa, Aboriginal people in Australia, and, of course the hundreds of Indigenous Peoples in Mexico, Central and South America, as well as in North America thrive and celebrate their cultural history and practices.

The diversity among communities of Indigenous Peoples, each of which has its own distinct culture, language, history, and unique way of life. Yet, Indigenous Peoples across the globe share many of the same common values derived in part from an understanding that their lives are part of and inseparable from the natural world.

Join us for on-line sketching of the Indigenous Peoples of the World. 

There are no fees. All drawing skill levels are welcome. 

Registration is required for this virtual sketching event at Eventbrite.com link below: 


Photo references for Indigenous Peoples of the World are provided below:


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