Saturday, February 19, 2022

PM WORKSHOP: Paul Heaston's Curved Perspective

Our workshop with Paul Heaston sold out immediately, as we suspected.  
If that sounds like bad news -  we have something you'll love.

Paul has agreed to do a second afternoon session for NYC Urban Sketchers.  If you're interested please sign up right now.   You can get all the details and you can also register by clicking this link:


The workshop I took with Paul was outstanding.   
His thoughts about curved perspective really astounded me.  
It will change the way you see things - Mark Leibowitz

WORKSHOP:  Curvilinear Perspective
March 6th at 2 PM ET
Cost:  $55
Click Here to Register:  

“Curvilinear” perspective, fisheye perspective, wide angle, POV --whatever you like to call it-- sketches that use curved lines to capture one’s whole field of view are a fun but challenging way to approach urban sketching. It can definitely feel a bit confusing when you’re trying it for the first time. This workshop will take some of the mystery out of the process and help give you a more solid footing when you venture out into the world to try it yourself.

I like the term “umbrella perspective” to describe curvilinear perspective sketching. If you can draw an umbrella, you can draw in a fisheye perspective. Whether you are trying to capture a tall building, a row of short shops along a long street, or the interior of a coffee shop, thinking of the shape of an umbrella can help you introduce curves and wide angles in your sketches in a way that makes sense and doesn’t require a vast technical knowledge of perspective.

Through a few demonstrations and exercises my workshop will take students through using just one “umbrella” in a sketch to combine three or more to make a spherical world and help them understand ideas like scale relationships, foreshortening, economizing visual information and use of sighting to hone their sketches.

NOTE - Save your receipt it has your login information for  Zoom and the list of suggested materials

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