Saturday, February 26, 2022

Workshop: Uma Kelkar - Flower Power


Some artists seem to have the ability to make anything they touch look beautiful.  

Uma is one of those people - she's amazing.   

She is a very popular teacher at our International Symposiums, 

and this is a great opportunity to learn from a real pro.  

On Sunday March 13th in her 3 hour online class, urban sketcher and plein air artist Uma Kelkar will turn to still life painting of flowers. Painting flowers or nature at large is about managing edge strength within the shape - from soft to hard. Since softness in watercolors is directly dictated by wetness of paper, this class will teach how to analyze the composition and come up with a sequence of parts to be painted so that the edges commingle to form a pleasing bouquet. Class will also inject some color theory for harmony.

You can view Uma's work and see her featured in a video:

​For more details and to reserve your spot for this workshop - click here:

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