Friday, May 12, 2023

Weekday Sketchers Capture the Sculptures in Lower Manhattan

Joie De Vivre" Sculpture by Mark di Suvero on Zucotti Park in New York -  USA Stock Photo - Alamy
Joie de Vivre in Zucotti Park 

We rush, rush, rush around this incredible city we live in and hardly take notice of the sculptures on our streets, plazas and parks.   This week we will slow down and really take notice of the abundance of sculptures in the financial district: Zucotti Park, Chase Plaza, Nevelson Plaza, Bowling Green.   Join us as we capture these giants in our midst.  

This selection of sites isn't a complete exploration of the sculptures in lower Manhattan.  You are welcome to go where you please and work on others not mentioned here.  Battery Park is a rich source of material as is Brookfield Place.  Trinity Church and Oculus are other alternatives. 

And of course there is alway Lady Liberty in the Harbor that can be viewed from multiple places along the riverfront. 

DATE: WEDNESDAY May 17, 2023


 We will meet at the corner of Broadway and Liberty St, near the large red sculpture called Zoie de Vivre (see picture above).  Check the map below for other sketch locations

TRANSPORTATION:  N, R, W to Cortland St, 4. 5 to Fulton Street


  • Please RSVP directly to Raylie Dunkel at
  • Looking for us? Call or Text Raylie at 201-273-0445
  • Bring a stool
  • Food, water and bathrooms are located in various buildings in the area
  • For information about these sculptures and others, click here:

You are welcome to explore these sculptures or any others in the area

Site 1: Zucotti Park: 
            Joie de Vivre by di Suvero 
            Red Cube by Noguchi 
            Double Check by Seward Johnson
            Steel Rose by Genzken

URBAN NOTE] On the import of “Double Check” in the post-9/11 world | A Bit  More DetailJoy of Life Sculpture in Zuccotti Park | The Worley GigPhotoPhoto

Site 2: Chase Plaza
            Four Trees by Dubuffet
            Sunken Garden by Noguchi

Group of Four Trees by Jean Dubuffet at 1 Chase Manhattan Plaza | The  Worley Gig
Rocks and the City: Isamu Noguchi's Sunken Garden Is an Oasis of Calm in NYC  - ELEPHANT

Site 3: Nevelson Plaza

                    Don Quixote and others by Louise Nevelson

Cancelled-Louise Nevelson: Sculptress – Upstate Oasis Store

Site 4: Bowling Green Park

        Charging Bull by di Modica

Wall Street's Charging Bull statue left with hole in horn after 'man  attacks it with banjo' | The Independent | The Independent

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