Tuesday, August 8, 2023

SATURDAY: Sketch Kimlau Square


The Kimlau Memorial Arch

This sketch event was suggested and planned by our host Tina Tang

Thank you Tina for discovering a new sketch location

Chinatown in lower Manhattan is always a fascinating place with colorful store signs hanging along the buildings with bustling streets full of cars and people. This week, let's sketch Kimlau Square (aka Chatham Square) located at the intersection of Bowery St., Worth St.,, Broadway and St James Pl.   

A little about the history of the area:
"Until about 1820, the square was used as a large open air market for goods and livestock, mainly horses. By the mid-19th century, it became a center for tattoo parlors, flophouses and saloons, as a seedy section of the old Five Points neighborhood. In the 20th century, after The Great Depression and Prohibition, the area was reformed."

Nearby is a famous location -  Doyers Street. In all the times I've been in the area I've never spotted this street.  To be precise, it is more like a short narrow alley with restaurants and stores on either side. It is about one block long with a sharp bend in the middle. It is for pedestrians only and has colorful patterns on the ground. When you walk by, you see people eating under the umbrellas at the outdoor seating areas built by the restaurants. It has shining pretty lanterns. In the evening, the street lights-up against the dark sky. The Doyers Street is about 3 mins' walk from the square. It will be a fun day of sketching.

 Doyers Street


What:   Join us sketching the Kimlau Square in Chinatown.

Where:   We will meet under the Kimlau Memorial Arch.  (see picture above and map below)

How:  The closest subway stops are:

  • Chambers Street - J train
  • Brooklyn Bridge - 4,5 or 6 train
  • East Broadway - F train
  • City Hall - N, R or W  

When:  This coming Saturday starting at 10 AM.  We will be in the area until 3 PM.  Sleeping late?  Come anyway - we'll be there  

Lunch:  12:00 PM.  Location to be determined, in the morning.  Buy food in the neighborhood or enjoy some exotic Bringyourowni. There are many good food places nearby. 

Afternoon:  1:00 PM - Back to sketching.  

Show and Tell:  3 PM  Location to be determined - possibly our lunch spot.  We will share our drawings, tell art stories and probably talk about art supplies. ( The things artists do when they get together.)


-  There are limited benches at the square. Bring a stool if you have one.

-  The closest public restroom I can find is the one at the nearby park(Columbus Park)

click to enlarge

Can't find us?  
Call or Text Mark - 973-809-9128

There are no fees or attendance taken. 
All drawing skill levels are welcome

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