Saturday, May 25, 2013

Midblock Connectors and Bridge

Ok, it rained and it was cold. I'm guessing that the mid block connection will forever remain unsketchable, at least in a comfortable way. After a couple of hours we decided to sketch at the Hilton Hotel lobby; warm and dry.

What we didn't expect was to find the Greater New York Bridge Association's Regional Finals...yes a room that quickly filled up with bridge players.  We got there early enough to sketch and stayed until it was apparent that we were going to get kicked out.

Mid block access at 57th Street
One of the mid block connectors

Observing the crowd

None of us had a clue of what any of this was...

These people knew...

The room quickly filled...


  1. Clearly that passage does not want to be sketched! Whenever anyone tries, the weather gets dreadful...

  2. Good thinking for an indoor spot. I don't know anything about bridge either. Super sketch of the crowded room.


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