Monday, May 27, 2013

Riverhead Mosaic Street Painting Festival

On Sunday I took a ride out to see the Riverhead Mosaic Street Painting Festival 
sponsored by the East End Arts Council.
The street was divided into rectangles and people decorated each of them with chalk designs. Some of them were really good, but since I forgot to bring my camera I can't show you how good they were. Adults as well as little kids participated. Here are a few sketches of people at work.

They also had an area for kids where they could have their faces painted, play music, or create art. One of my friends was working at a table where the kids could create their own ATCs (artists trading cards) and actually trade them with other people. Here are two of the kids working at her table.

Outside there was a group being taught how to play drums.
I sketched the two leaders of the group.

It was a fun afternoon.

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  1. Hi Joan, My granddaughters were involved in this day, it would have been funny if you had sketched them! I just got your message about the Babylon show. I would have loved it if you entered work there. I will remember that for next year. It is going on right now, public viewing will be everyday this week, June 1-June 8. I don't know if the ribbons are up or if I won anything. I know it is crazy but these things make me tense. I entered the praying mantis, my granddaughter Violet's portrait and a cat painting. Did you love Ireland? everyone says it's fantastic. Troubles with WC can't add threads!!
    Doug and Sylvia tried to help, didn't work, I miss it. Going back to your blog now. Later, Jillanne


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