Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Cathedral Church meets the Dog People

The whole day was threatening and overcast.  Although we eventually had an epic storm in the late afternoon the day provided lots of good sketch time.  We spent the morning in the church.  After a great lunch we  returned for more drawing.

Although I was struck by the beauty of the church architecture and the solemnity of the interior space, none of my sketches seemed to capture that.  So I got distracted and drew the guides and their tour groups.

I could have spent much more time with the Jane Alexander sculpture installation:
Her very strange sculptures were integrated into the church setting and mixed in with the sculptures and religious objects you'd expect to find.  The contrast was startling and a little jarring.  Her sculptures seemed pagan, like Pre-Christian artifacts.  There were dog-headed people, and monkey faced people.  Some were distorted and looked cartoon-like and others were done  realistically and were grouped like they were a comment on conformity and militarism.  .

Her notes indicated there was a
political element to her work

After lunch we went back to the church and spent time in the gardens.

A white peacock that must live on the church grounds was the main attraction.  


  1. I really like your sketches of the unusual sculptures,and those of the other sketchers as well. I would have loved to have been there!

  2. Mark, those seem like such unusual sculptures to find in a church. Great job on them!!! Love the outdoor sketch too. I've always wanted to go there...and haven't had the chance yet.


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