Wednesday, May 29, 2013

NYC Urban Sketchers 05-25-13

The weather is driving me crazy.  

We were out sketching the 1/2 avenues, ... those short-cut alleys that cut through the long avenues in midtown.  It's the second time we've gone there.  The first time in November - we froze.  It was too cold to sketch outdoors.  I don't know how the Urban Sketchers in Minnesota do it.

Last Saturday should have been warm and pleasant - it's almost June.  Instead we got rain, wind and cold.

Yes, they even have signs

I asked Richard to give me a short course in perspective.  I like the way he tackles complex street scenes.  I figured his architecture and teaching background would make him a great source.  He explained the system he uses.  I tried it out on this barrel-vaulted alley and was pleased with the results of the quick sketch.

We ducked into the Hilton Hotel on the Avenue of the Americas and stumbled into the GNYBA - The Greater New York Bridge Association  - Eastern Regional Tournament.

If you like drawing people bridge players are great.  For the most part they sit very still.  You can get some interesting body postures and facial expressions.


  1. For some reason I don't think you need a lesson in perspective, but I wish I could have been a fly on the wall listening to Richard teach. Love the sketch of the bridge players. I'll have to discuss inks with you. You got such good shading from whatever you used.

  2. Hey Joan - Man have I got good news for you. I made a video of Richard's short course. I haven't uploaded it yet, but the content is really quite good.

    Thanks for the comment about the shading. I'm using Noodler's Walnut ink, which is non-permanent. Then I'm bleeding the lines with a water brush. I'm intrigued by the technique. When I see you next - I'll show you.


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