Monday, August 19, 2013

DE-Tour, DE-Tourists and collecting information

The Saturday afternoon sketch walk from South Slope to Greenwood Cemetery looked to explore an area through sketches, words and found objects. During the course of the walk the de-tourists contributed their observations. Thanks to the Detourists: Jason, Mark, Elizabeth, Raquel, Beau, Bryant, Peter, Nate, Mattias, Ben, Krissy, Matt, Sam and Mary. Below the final product, a collage accordion sketchbook with drawings, sewn cards, pine cones, cicads, sketches, maps, clips and wood.


  1. THis looks like it was an interesting project. Sorry we couldn't stay for de rest of de day.

  2. This looks great! I wish I could enlarge it and examine each piece. That will teach me for not staying for Part 2!

    1. Joan:
      Check the nycsketch blog for close ups

  3. What an interesting and fun project.


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