Saturday, August 3, 2013

Sketching on the East End

Susan and I had to be out on the east end of Long Island today to pick up paintings from an art show we were in, so we decided to go sketching out there.

We started off at a farm in Water Mill. I sketched the flower field and then part of the farm stand. It rained on and off so my two sketches were done from inside Susan's van.

Then we drove out to Montauk. We found a spot on Star Island where we could park and see a fishing trawler at the dock. It was still raining.

Finally the sun came out. We found out that there was a shark fishing tournament going on we went to find it. Unfortunately we didn't get to see the actual sharks that were caught for the tournament because we didn't have enough time, but we had fun sketching this replica on the dock. 

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  1. Although the weather did not cooperate, and we had to switch painting/ sketching plans, it was a great day. Not so easy to paint in a hot car with the windows closed, but we are getting pretty expert at it!

    These all came out great. Love the Montauk sketches. I only wish we saw some real shark. We'll have to try this again next year!


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