Sunday, August 18, 2013

Double Header - Part Two - The De Tourist Sketch Walk

I arrived late at the Open Source Gallery in South Park Slope coming from the Red Hook Sketch.  The walking tour had already begun and I was given directions to go to the cemetery to meet the others.  The cemetery in question turned out to be Greed Wood where we'd been sketching several weeks ago.  I got a lift from Joan and Susan who were heading home.  Melanie missed the Green Wood sketch and I wanted to show her the green parrots who live there and are practically omnipresent.  Not a single parrot showed up until they left.

The spirit of the De Tourist Sketch Walk was to create a group project that consisted of sketched and found objects, art and maps, words, lines, tones and color.  The objective was to capture the unique moment of that late afternoon and early evening in August.

Dark shadows with patches of fading sunlight between the
mausoleums lighting up the grass

I sat in the grass and chatted with Jason.  I did two sketches of the cemetery that were mostly about trying to capture the long shadows and the bright but fading sunlight.  Easier to write  than to sketch.  The personal experiment was to use a red pen for the drawing part.
Verdict:  Interesting, worth exploring a little more.

The cemetery closed at 6:30 and we headed back to the Open Source Gallery.  We compiled bits and pieces.  Richard sewed elements into a long panorama sketch book that told the story of our sketch walk.  Everyone contributed a part.  The last two photos show us back at the Gallery and a view of Richard examining the fold-out.


  1. Nice sketches of the cemetery. Interesting idea to put the work together.

  2. Mark,

    Your color choices and control of the watercolor keeps getting better and more 'spot-on' over time! I love seeing your work and techniques progress!


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