Sunday, August 18, 2013

Double Header - Part One - Red Hook

Rented a Citi Bike and pedaled down to Pier 10 at the tip of Manhattan. On the way down I spotted a NYC Fire Department Fire Boat with all of its water canon's shooting into the air.  It was such a great site that I pulled over to the side to take a photo.  Of course, by the time the bike was secure and my camera was out, the water display was over.  It's still an interesting site.

Fire Boat in the Hudson

I started a quick sketch of the scene from the dock with the Brooklyn Bridge in the distance.  Pretty soon Melanie arrived.  We chatted and sketched, and after awhile Mike joined us.  I took this picture of them as we ferried across the East River.  I also did a quick sketch of the people sitting in front of us on the boat.

View from the dock
Off the sketch - traveling in style

A quicky sketch of our fellow passengers

The ferry dropped us off at the Fairway Super Market.  They have a great outdoor cafe with umbrella seating and antique trolleys.  Mike got busy sketching the trolleys.  I hope he posts his drawings.  I sketched Mel as we waited for  Susan and Joan, who drove to Red Hook.

Sketching with Melanie at the outdoor cafe

The Famous Red Hook Yacht Club
We all left and setup in front of the Famous Red Hook Yacht Club.  It might be a candidate for the Urban Sketcher's award for  the most frequently sketched sites.  The club members came out to chat and check out our work.  The guy in the straw hat, who Susan dubbed the Mayor of Red Hook, said hello and shared slices of incredible bread.

We went next door to the Brooklyn Crab House for lunch.  The sketching continued:

Mike sat opposite me.

Customer gazing out the window

After lunch Susan requested that we find a good view of the Statue of Liberty.  From Red Hook - no problem.  We sat in a shady spot in an industrial area with a million dollar view.

Tried an experiment and used an old credit card to move the paint around.  Verdict: it's a technique with limited potential for me.


  1. Our sketching locations in Red Hook were each so different. I got such a kick out of the Red Hook Yacht Club. It was so "Brooklyn." lol Great sketches! I like the way you used the credit card to move the paint for the buildings. Glad that truck moved! It was a fun day!

  2. Hey. My sketches are up at my blog! Thanks for a great day and such fun subject matter.

  3. It was a great day, Mark. thanks so much for being the uber-organizer! I really like the red pen line in your cemetery drawings. See you next time!

  4. You forgot to mention the mayor driving off in the hearse, or the truck blocking our view! I guess what happens in Bklyn stays in Bklyn! Love your sketches. The ones at the cemetery have a nice touch. I just realized... maybe you saw the mayor driving around there???


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