Sunday, September 1, 2013

Governors Island

Susan and I took the 10 am ferry from lower Manhattan to Governors Island on Saturday morning. We had a little time before the ferry left to sketch the interior of the terminal. When the ferry pulled in a woman behind us asked if we were part of the NYC Urban Sketchers. It was Allison and it was her first time joining the group. 

I was finishing up my painting on the ferry ride over, but Susan and Allison were swapping sketching information and stories.

After docking we headed over to a view of the city and the Statue of Liberty. 
Other sketchers arrived on the next ferry from Manhattan and the ferry from Brooklyn.
The city views were great!

Here are Mark and Allison sketching.

Here is what they were seeing.

Brian and Susan were hard at work too.

I did some small sketches...first a red bike someone parked nearby.

People are allowed to bring their bikes onto the island and bikes are for rent too.
Some can almost fit a family.
Or not.

Here are a few more members sketching.

The Staten Island Ferry kept passing by.

Lady Liberty was within view.

There were life preservers along the fences...just in case.

We walked over to the Fete Paradiso area to have lunch. There was a lot of sketching done from our table while we talked and ate. I sketched a woman at another table, with her cell phone in hand.

Some of the sketchers left earlier than we did...Susan and I were there for the duration. lol

There were vintage amusements and games like the Bouffe Balle game,

the carousel horse which was not in use,

and one of the carousels.

By this time we were hot and tired and needed a cold drink. Heading over near the ferry we found  Water Taxi Beach, complete with palm trees, sand, and a wonderful view of the Brooklyn Bridge.

We took the 6:30 ferry back. It was quite a full day of sketching.


  1. Great job Joan. Certainly a productive day and something for everyone. Loved everything about this island! I think you found your real comfort zone by the time we started sketching the carnival!

  2. I really like the small drawings you did and reproducing them individually is great, but I also liked the way you fit them together on the page. They interacted beautifully as a group. I was amazed to read you stayed until 6:30. I l guess I left at the half way point to run my errands. Based on your post-lunch activity I missed the best part of the day.

  3. Thanks Susan!

    Mark, we went non-stop and were exhausted by the time we finished. Both Susan and I had no energy left on Sunday...but we had a great time.


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