Monday, September 2, 2013

Governors Island

I won't bother to repeat Joans description of the day. I do want to mention that this weeks theme on the USK flicker group is about dreamers and monuments. One person lives in the same city that MLK was born and preached in, so you get the idea. The day after we went to Governors Island I realized that we had 4 of the greatest monuments about dreamers and visionaries.

Our first sketch location was on the waterfront overlooking the NY harbour. 30 degrees to the left was the Statue of Liberty, straight ahead was Ellis Island, 30 degrees to the right was the Freedom Tower, and Castle Williams. Some of the greatest monuments ever , to protect the freedom and liberties of of the people of this country! What a view! What an island. So much to explore and we didn't even tap it all.


One of the sculptures on exhibit


Eagles everywhere.


Elaina's sketch with three of the monuments!

Chirros' ( forgive me if I didn't get the spelling correct) sketch in progress.

A view of the Freedom Tower and one of the cannons that protected NY .

The organ from Fete Paradiso.

My sketch of the Freedom Tower, and to the very right of it is Castle Williams. Built in 1807, it ultimately housed Confederate prisoners during the Civil War.

Ellis Island. My grandfather came through here around 1913.

The Bouffe Balle , translated in English to "food balls" because the ball gets tossed into the mouth. The only figures I was able to recognize were Charlis Chaplin and Josephine Baker.


  1. Does anyone know why it says "read more" and won't show the rest of my post?

  2. I have no idea but when you click on it - it shows the rest of your post.

    My favorite is the Bouffle Ball picture which captures a surreal quality the I get from most carnival imagery. It looks fun and innocent but also jiust a little sinister.

  3. I like your sketches, especially the one of Ellis Island. Like you, my grandparents came through there...and when you go there's quite a sensation of history you feel. I agree with Mark about the Bouffe Ball images looking a little sinister even though they are fun. I really loved that place. It felt like stepping back in time. Thanks for finding the info about it and pushing to get us there.


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