Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sketching Fifth Avenue's Museum Mile - September 14, 2013

We met in front of the Guggenheim Museum and sat on a  shady bench outside Central Park.

We moved uptown and relocated by a major entry to the park - a people-watchers paradise.

I often become more interested in drawing my fellow Urban Sketchers.  After all, unlike everyone else, they hold still.

Denise, Richard, Julie and Bryant


Denise and Richard

We had  lunch at the Museo del Barrio where we met up with Elizabeth and then walked back across Fifth Avenue to the Conservatory Garden.  The Conservatory is one of the hidden treasures of NY, a real island of peace and tranquility.  I sketched the Three Dancing Maidens fountain.

The Three Dancing Maidens

Sunil joined us in the Gardens, first time I've seen him since before the summer began.  I sketched him and Denise.

Sunil and Denise

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  1. Mark, its great to see what I missed! Love the sketch of the Guggenheim and the people on the move by the park. Glad to see sketches of so many familiar faces. Susan and I will have to get back in soon.


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