Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A Sketching Trip to Union Square

I took the LIRR into the city on Sunday, so it gave me the opportunity to do some train sketches.
I did a few in pencil first. This first guy was sitting with some friends and they were on their way to a game apparently.

This young woman was with a friend and after I sketched her she pulled out her makeup, pulled off her hat, and had her friend style her hair...complete with a touch of hairspray.

I also had a chance to do a sketch with Artrage on my iPad mini. It isn't as easy as I thought it would be, but I'm having fun with it.

When I got in to Penn Station I checked to see if Pat was in her favorite breakfast/sketching location and she was. She was kind enough to give me an Artrage lesson. I don't know if I'll remember half of what she showed me. lol

The Union Square Holiday Market was really busy but I found a spot across from the Karma Living booth. I loved all the vibrant colors and patterns of the pillows, scarves, and fabric items...and all the shoppers.

Next I found a spot facing one of the entrances to the market. I was comfortable until the sun shifted and then my hands and my back got really cold. Luckily when I was nearly finished it was time to go into Whole Foods and warm up while having lunch with the other sketchers.

After lunch the Strand Bookstore was our subject. Mark, Pat and I decided to sketch from a table inside the cafe across the street...a wise decision I think. It gave me not only the bookstore to sketch but I had a view of Mark sketching and some people at the other table by the window.

The Reservoir Bar where we went for our show and tell was lively with lots of football fans. Luckily we weren't conversing much because it was so loud we could barely hear each other. I did get a few sketches done there...one of the guy at the next table

...and a table of Steelers fans.

I'm exhausted thinking about all the sketching I did...and I wasn't done yet. I did one final sketch on the train going home, again on my iPad, trying to put to use some of what I remembered from Pat's lesson...at least I did remember how to use the layers.

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  1. Wow! What a marathon of great opportunities sketched well! Thanks for sharing such a great day of sketching.!


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