Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Sketching the Museum of Natural History

I've been working small.  Tiny actually, a 3" x 4' sketchbook.  The beauty is it's easy to fill up the page

Love sketching the Museum of Natural History

Alan Sketching the Cape Water Buffalo

Closer view of the Water Buffalo

Mother and Daughter

No Passing on the Right


  1. Nice collection of little beauties, Mark!

  2. these sketches are wonderful. the top one with alan love could be part of your series with all the museum viewers. love the title on the last one, "no passing on the right." ha.

  3. Your sketches are good and which meant a lot. I too love to sketch the things that I really like. The photos that you have posted in this Ultius reviews show your talent and passion on sketching. Keep sharing more sketches in this blog.


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