Monday, December 28, 2015

SUNDAY: Workshop with Hugo

Hugo at  the Cold Spring Event
This fall NYC Urban Sketchers have had the pleasure of meeting and sketching with Hugo Costa.  He’s been here as  the Visiting Scholar at Parsons.  Sadly, for us,  he will be leaving in a few weeks to return to his wife and family in Spain.

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Anyone who’s sketched with Hugo has enjoyed his enthusiasm.  If you're like me you've also been hugely impressed by his talent.  The other day I had the chance to slowly look through Hugo’s sketch book and ask questions.  It was the kind of opportunity any sketchers would love.  He gave thoughtful detailed answers.   I asked about his process.  I looked at his drawing and wanted to know what the first line was he made and how he developed the picture. I asked questions about how he handles perspective - his drawings are masterworks in perspective studies.   It was a fascinating conversation. He makes it look so easy - but we all know how challenging it is to draw street scenes from life.   I got some wonderful insights into his creative process

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So - when Raylie suggested we run a mini-workshop with Hugo before he leaves, I was enthused to say the least. 

Hugo has been at Parsons on a research/teaching grant, exploring New York City neighborhoods and architecture through drawing.   Hugo is from Portugal and graduated with a Ph.D. // Architecture.  When not in NYC visiting with us he teaches at the University of Valencia in Spain.

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This special workshop will be held in Jersey City on Sunday January 3rd. The location is  easy to reach via the Path train.  Unfortunately we have a limited space and the workshop will only be able to accommodate  the first 12 people.  There will be a $15 fee that will include a light lunch and will enable us to present Hugo with an honorarium to express our appreciation.  The workshop will start at 11 AM.

If you’re sure you want to attend please sign up quickly.  Click this link to send me an email  Remember there’s limited space so only respond if your committed to coming.  

This should be a rewarding workshop.  

(Note:  This has nothing to do with the Tom Thorspecken Workshop.  Details about that are still in the works and will be coming soon.)

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  1. I envy you guys -- this looks like it will be a terrific workshop! I love Hugo's sketches!



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