Saturday, December 12, 2015

Balto in Central Park

As a kid growing up in NYC when you think of Central Park you think of the Zoo, the playgrounds and Balto.  My 7 year old son, Ben, finished reading Balto, and I promised to take him to see the statue in the Park.  So of course I figured what a great urban sketching event.  With the fall leaves in late November still on the trees, the timing was perfect.

The area was so busy and alive.  One of the things I just love about the park.  Balto was harder to sketch then I would have thought, especially head on.  But I just had fun with color and went for it. Ben probably did 30 sketches that day, just not "Urban".  When we are out sketching, he spends a lot of time drawing what ever he is thinking about.  Some how, along with 20 star wars sketches he was thinking about having a pet bird.  So this was also one of his many sketches of the day.
We do not have a pet bird, even with the very specific care instructions.
We walked a bit and I was enchanted with the Gazebo on the rocks.  This was a very quick sketch as we were freezing. 
Lastly, no trip to that part of the park is complete, without a visit to the Central Park Zoo.  I just love everything about this small area of the Park.  I also have always loved the clock with the dancing animals.  I am pretty sure I could come back to this place again and have a series of completely different drawings.  There is just so much to see.


  1. Elaine, these are great...both your sketches and Ben's. I think my favorite is Balto from the side. In all my visits to the park I've never seen the statue. Love the zoo sketches too!! I can't remember the last time I was there.

  2. Thanks Joan, I think my favorite was from the side too. The head on sketch was really hard.


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