Friday, January 1, 2016

A Quicky Google Movie

Google is sometimes amazing.

I got a note saying that Google had stitched a couple of the Urban Sketching shots into a short video.  The shots all came from Google Photo.  I've been uploading my photos to their cloud service.  The offer unlimited storage and unexpected features like creating slide shows and movies for you that you can save or discard.   If you went to any of these events (our trip to Cold Spring and our sketch day in Washington Square) you'll recognize the locations.   How does Google know these shots are all from our group and that it would make sense to combine them?

What is potentially the most interesting aspect is that I think there's even a way we could all add additional photos and videos.  So, the finished product becomes a a much longer group collage - something we all created.  It could include the photos we take and scans of the artwork etc.   Powerful stuff

Happy New Year Everyone!

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