Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Good News ~ Spring Becomes Broome

As you probably know, the famous Spring Studio lost their lease at the end of 2015.  Soho has become much too chic.  They've moved to the Lower East Side.  I visited their new location at 293 Broome Street last Thursday.  The new space is cleaner and brighter.  The Broome Studio, like it's predecessor comes, about as close to possible to 24 hour a day sketching from live models.  Minerva still presides over what has become an international institution and a must visit site for artists visiting the city.  If you've never gone be sure to check this out.  If you're an old fan be sure to check out the new location.

100 A Forsyth Street

Walk out the Broome Studio make a left, then at the corner make another left and you're on Forsyth Street.  Walk half the block to 100 A and you'll find a Pencil Store.  What?!?  A pencil store - CW Pencil Enterprise.  An entire store devoted to the glory and diversity of pencils.

The two women I met, who seemed to run the store, were incredibly knowledgeable and enthused about pencils.  I have to admit it's a subject that kind of excites me too.

I walked out with five new pencils.  I'm having a love affair with two of them.  This is well worth checking out.  Only in New York?

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