Tuesday, January 12, 2016

A Strange Sky and the Water

On Sunday, I went to the Yonkers Brewery for an early afternoon drink and lunch.  The place was great, and probably would have been great to sketch. However, I just did not grab my sketchbook out of my bag. 
On the walk back to the car the sky was just AMAZING.  The hubby looked at me and said "Go Paint".  He knew this was just to much.  The view is looking towards the city from the Yonkers water front, the bridge is the GWB.  The sky was a pinkish yellow and the  water and upper sky were deep purple.  Just perfect. About 10 to 15 minutes in the Heavens opened up.  The big white splats are the rain drops. 
So we ran!  Along with what looked like a wedding party.  I had red paint all over my hands and me! And while the rain poured down, that pink area was moving above us and it was a clearing.  Crazy weather! When we looked up after the rain stopped, we saw this incredible rainbow!  It was too incredible to not share.


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