Thursday, January 7, 2016

Urban Sketching Double Feature

Last weekend was an especially good weekend to be an NYC Urban Sketcher.  On Saturday, we sketched at The Hispanic Society in Washington Heights, enjoying Old Masters, sculpture and decorative arts in a gorgeous setting.
I even got to paint a couple of pages, such as these 16th century Seville tiles, in watercolor until a guard told me to stop.

He looked at the dancing Madonna from Quito that I was painting, told me it was good and that I could therefore paint for five more minutes.  I laid in a few more washes and then broke out my colored pencils and markers to finish the sketch.

Sunday saw us visit Jersey City, or the Sixth Borough as Raylie called it, for an excellent workshop with Hugo Costa at the CASE Museum of Russian Art.  He not only showed us his sketches of NYC and the world, but also taught us about perspective and his process.
We were then let loose to capture the marvelous view of lower Manhattan from the Jersey City riverfront.
Who could not be inspired by this vista?

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