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SUNDAY 10/22/23 - Sketch the Wavertree

Suggested and Hosted by Shawne Cooper

Sketch Event for Sfor SUNDAY, October 22nd, 2023

Imagine NYC Harbor filled with tall ships.  Ships with multiple masts and billowing sails.  You can get a sense of this recent past by visiting the Wavertree. 

The 135-year-old Wavertree, built of riveted wrought iron, is an archetype of the sailing ships of the latter half of the 19th century that lined South Street by the dozens, creating a forest of masts from the Battery to the Brooklyn Bridge.   It is now the largest wrought iron sailing vessel afloat.

Wavertree is the flagship of a fleet of historic vessels, restored and operated by the South Street Seaport Museum.  The ships, along with the landmark buildings of Schermerhorn Row and the printing office of Bowne & Co. on Water Street, invite you to discover how the port nurtured the life and culture of New York City for centuries. Experience our rich collections of art, artifacts, and archives that tell the story of “Where New York Begins.”


When less than two years old the Wavertree entered the "tramp trades", taking cargoes anywhere in the world. In 1910, after sailing for a quarter century, the ship was dis-masted off Cape Horn and barely made it to the Falkland Islands. Rather than re-rigging the ship its owners sold it for use as a floating warehouse at Punta Arenas, Chile. 

Wavertree was converted then into a sand barge at Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1947. Amazingly, the ship was discovered in 1967 by an American citizen working on a sand barge and was ultimately acquired by the South Street Seaport Museum in 1968. The museum sent the ship to the Arsenal Naval Buenos Aires for restoration. In 1969 after restoration was complete, the ship was towed to New York. where it was added to the National Register of Historic Places on June 13, 1978.



WHAT:  We’re sketching at the South Street Seaport with the Wavertree is our focus and starting place.

WHEN:  We’ll meet at 10:00 AM SUNDAY, October 22nd - by the Wavertree at Pier 16

WHERE:  Pier 16 - See the map below,


-   By Subway:  

There are two sets of trains you can use:

  • Fulton Street - 2, 3 train
  • Wall Street - 2, 3 train
  • Broad Street - J, Z train
  • Fulton Street - J, Z train

The Wall Street area is built on a hill that slopes towards the River.  Pick any path going down towards the water and then walk to Pier 16 - meet at the Wavertree.

-  By Car:  

Parking is difficult although there is alternate side of the street parking on Sunday.

LUNCH:  12:00 PM  - Shawne will be suggesting a place in the area where we can eat together.  Bring your own or rely on the local stores and vendors.

AFTERNOON:  1:00 PM  Back to sketching.

SHOW AND TELL:  3:00 PM  Location to be determined. This is the social part of our day where we will share our sketches, tell stories, and probably talk about art supplies.


-  Bring a stool - it gives you more options.  

Screenshot 2023-10-03 at 2.04.17 PM.png

Can't find us?  

Call or Text Shawne - 917-880-9249

There are no fees or attendance taken. All drawing skill levels are welcome

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