Thursday, October 5, 2023

 Weekday Sketchers at Brighton Beach: 

An Epicurean Sketch Day

What could be a better way of celebrating the end of summer than a day at Brighton Beach? 

Brighton Beach Avenue

Join us as we explore one of the ethnic neighborhoods in NYC, where Russians and Ukrainians have settled to be near the sea:presumably a reminder of the cities along the Black Sea. 

There you’ll find a wealth of sketching opportunities, including the shops along the colorful and ethnically diverse Brighton Beach Avenue, the boardwalk with its view of Coney Island, and of course the ocean. Join us as we capture one of New York City’s most distinct neighborhoods in our sketchbooks, pick up lunch at one of the local markets, and share a meal on the boardwalk. 

And, an added incentive:  Gabi Campanario, the founder of Urban Sketchers is joining us for the day. Come and meet the person who started this world wide communal experience. 

For an insider’s look at Brighton Beach and its diverse cuisine, click here:





TRANSPORTATION: B or Q train to Brighton Beach (Brooklyn). 

We will meet at the Brighton Beach Station.  When you exit the train walk to the rear exit. Then walk to the corner of Brighton Beach Avenue and Coney Island Avenue, where the overhead train curves so that it then runs along Brighton Beach Avenue.  Cross the street to the southeast corner.  We will meet in front of the bank, which is a bit out of the busy shopping street. 

Meet Here

Screen Shot 2023-10-03 at 7.36.54 PM.png


  • Please RSVP directly to Raylie Dunkel at or Meryl Greenblatt at   
  • Looking for us? Call or text Raylie at 201-273-0445. or Meryl at 646-248-9362
  • We will first gather and stroll down the avenue sampling the food and culture of the area. Then we will choose the sites we want to capture in our sketchbooks: views of the street, colorful storefronts and merchandise or views of the beach and boardwalk.  
  • We will sketch for a while and then meet on the Boardwalk for lunch (if you haven't eaten your goodies yet) and a show and tell.
  • Water and bathrooms are available
  • Bring your own or purchase food from the neighborhood shops
  • Bring a stool
Top 10 Secrets of Brighton Beach, Brooklyn - Untapped New York
Brighton Beach boardwalk and beach

Some of the shops we will stop at on the walk where you can purchase food 

  •  Berikoni – 125 Brighton Beach Ave 
  •  Varenchinaya – 3086 Brighton 2nd Street 
  •  Home Made Cooking Café – 504 Brighton Beach Ave
  •  Tashkent Supermarket – 713 Brighton Beach Ave

Some of the names of food treats you can buy:

  • Khachapuri – Georgian; like a stuffed pizza
  • Varenichnaya/Vereniki – Dumplings; like pierogies
  • Cheburek - Empanada


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