Saturday, October 21, 2023

WEDNESDAY, October 25, 2023: Westchester Sketchers at the City Island Nautical Museum


All drawing hands on deck as we visit the City Island Nautical Museum for a day of sketching.  Thank you to Marylou Mooney and Alice Strinsky for suggesting this site.

City Island is well known for leisure boating and great lobster meals.  It is also a small community on the edge of New York City in the Bronx that has a rich nautical history.  The island was purchased by Benjamin Palmer in 1761.  Palmer had the vision of developing the island into a port that could rival New York City.  Ships passing north and south passed City Island using Long Island Sound as a safe waterway.  Palmer’s vision never fully materialized as the timing just before the American Revolution halted all progress and the war depleted Palmer and his investors of capital.  It would be another 60 years before the Island again started to be developed when oystermen, pilots of Hell Gate, a set of nearby narrows, and eventually shipbuilders arrived and introduced these industries.

In the museum we will find galleries with photographic essays featuring maps, the America’s Cup, models of City Island’s most beautiful boats, the City Island bridges and historic buildings as well as a historical timeline, models of a minesweeper and several rum runners built during prohibition and a handsome wooden kayak built in the 1930s.   Also featured are display cases with antique shipbuilding and sail making tools.

And don't miss the boat-building exhibit, the photographs by Morris Rosenfeld, renowned maritime photographer, and paintings by City Island artist Liz Alderman.


DATE: WEDNESDAY October 25, 2023

LOCATION: City Island Nautical Museum, 190 Fordham Street, City Island, NY, 10464.  718-885-0008

PARKING:  On the street.  This should not be a problem on a weekday.            

TIME: 10:00 AM 

NOTE:  A tax deductible donation of $8 is requested to cover the cost for the Museum to open the Museum during the week for us.

  • Bring your own snack or lunch and water or purchase from nearby eateries.  
  • We may use watercolors (just please be neat).  
  • Stools are not needed as there are plenty of chairs. 
  • We will not eat lunch together in the Museum.  Please plan to eat lunch following show and tell (plenty of good eateries on City Island) or snack discreetly. 

Please RSVP to, so we will know who to expect.

Looking for us? Call Cathy (914-625-0766) or Marianne (914-355-6507).

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