Monday, January 15, 2024

New Jersey sketchers at Paterson Museum

Join us to sketch at the Paterson Museum 

From airplanes to locomotives to early Indian culture there’s plenty to sketch. And, if warm enough, we can take a short walk to the beautiful Great Falls. 

Some highlights:

The Wright Aeronautical Corporation 

was headquartered in Paterson. During the Second World War, the Wrights played a major part in the war effort. The plants in and around Paterson produced over 142,000 aircraft engines. 

Machine and Locomotive Industries

The machine shops of Paterson developed a reputation for employing the best men and producing the finest machinery in the United States. This is where the earliest machines that would spin and weave cotton were constructed and maintained. The total number of locomotives produced from 1837 to 1926 in Paterson amounts to over 10,000.


The Lenape people called their homeland Lenapehoking. This land included all of what is now New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania, southeastern New York State, northern Delaware and a small part of southwestern Connecticut.

This exhibit, comprised of artifacts and replications representing the Delaware-Lenape culture, has been designed to generate an appreciation of the ingenuity and harmonious environmental adaptation of this indigenous culture.

Silk Industry 

The museum has a collection of colorful spools and machines from this era. You’ll have to put the watercolor on at home as it’s dry materials only.

When: January 25

Where: Paterson Museum 

2 Market Street

Paterson, New Jersey 07501

Time: 10:30am 

please give a donation   

Plan to work in dry materials.

Bring your lunch and drinks. They will set up a table for us.



Please email any questions or comments to the above email address.

There are no fees to join the group. All levels welcome.

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