Thursday, January 11, 2024

Urban Sketching WinterTalks


The weather's cold, the nights are long, and our only sketchinbg choices are indoors.
It's Winter!
And that means it's time for NYC Urban Sketchers WinterTalks.

If artists ran the networks, if sketchers controlled the media, and our friends were in charge of programming, television would be wonderful.  Every show would be geared to delight people like us.  In our own small way that's what we're trying to do.  Each talk will only run one hour.  Each talk will hopefully be fascinating.​  We will have one talk for each winter month - January, February and March.  

Signup for our first session will start in a few days.

1)  January 24, Wednesday at 7 :30 PM - our first talk will explore what happens to an urban sketch when it grows up?  If an urban sketch starts out as a 20 minute impression where could a twenty hour exploration in full oil color take us.  Our presenter will be Garin Baker, one of the most popular teachers at the Art Students League.  Garin will discuss his painting "The 21st Street Crosswalk".


2)  February 28th, Wednesday at 7:30 PM - our second talk will be with Patrick Bringley the author of "All the Beauty in the World"LIfe events take Patrick from his dream job at the New Yorker to working as a guard at the Metropolitan Museum.  It's a fascinating story.  At one point he says that the artwork at the Met is like people, some are easy to know quickly, and others reveal their secrets slowly.  As well as we all know the Met, a favorite, sketching location for us, we have not lived with these pieces for years. If you haven't read All the Beauty in the World, you'd probably love it.  Consider our second talk a book club event. You'll enjoy it much more if you've already read the book.


3)  March 20th, Wednesday at 7:30 PM - our last talk will be about the intersection of art and optics, a fascinating topic suggested by Dina Schlesinger.  This should be a very interesting topic since it explores some art topics that we never talk about.  It would probably be better not to go into much detail, but this will be a presentation that we'll discuss for quite a while.

  • The WinterTalks will be virtual.  
  • They will be short - only lasting for one hour.  
  • The talks are free, but we need your help.  Our Zoom license only allows 100 registered attendees. 
    • Question: Since there's no cost - why not sign up even if you're not sure you can attend?  
    • Answer: Taking a spot that you don't use blocks someone else from registering.  You get it!  If you sign up - please attend.
  • Who is that guy with snow on his face in the photo?  Not sure, but it definitely has a winter feel, doesn't it?

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