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NJ sketchers at Montclair Iris Garden


New Jersey Urban Sketchers at Montclair Iris Garden Friday, May 31, 2024

Presby Memorial Iris Garden.jpg | New York-New Jersey Trail Conference

The Presby Memorial Iris Garden in Montclair is referred to as the "Rainbow on the Hill"....and that it is!  With thousands of bearded irises in bloom, this is truly spectacular scene to  capture in a sketchbook. 

Join us for a day of sketching only available for a few weeks in the spring. Bring a stool and your brightest watercolors to get the best views and brightest colors onto your paper. 

For more information about the gardens and driving directions, visit the web site:

Presby Memorial Iris Gardens – Spring is Here – Montclair NJ – Photo  Gallery | You Don't Know Jersey | From High Point to Cape May

Sketching Tip:  the iris looks like a complicated flower but it is really easy to draw once you know that there are only 6 petals on every flower.  Three are curved down and three are curved up.  The little "beards" run along the midline of the downward curved petals.   That's it!  Add a green stem and some unopened buds and you've done it!

Presby Memorial Iris Gardens, Montclair, NJ | Iris garden, Memories, Iris
DATE:  Friday, May 31, 2024

                      474 UPPER MOUNTAIN ROAD, MONTCLAIR NJ

DIRECTIONS: Please visit the web site for directions by car and public transit: 
NOTE:  This location is very easy to get to by public transit via NJ Transit

Questions, comments and RSVP directly to 

DO NOT reply to this email as your inquiry will go to a "dead letter" file. 

  • Looking for us? Call or text  Margaret 646-515-9913
  • Bring a stool and lunch. There are no food services 
  • There are bathrooms on site
  • There is no parking on site. You must park on the street along side the garden. 
  • Please visit the web site for and read the page on Garden Etiquette 
  • We will break for lunch at the tables at the top of the hill 

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