Thursday, May 16, 2024


Weekday Sketchers at Greenacres Park 

plus two Korba Murals

We were washed out on May 15th but the weather forecast for May 22nd is for a beautiful spring day.  Let's do what we couldn't do last week!

This week's outing proves that good things come in small packages!  

 Imagine stepping off the busy streets of Midtown Manhattan into a green oasis that masks the noise and congestion of one of the world's busiest cities.  Then imagine just looking up at two soaring art installations by a world renowned artist, not in a museum but right on the streets of Manhattan.   Join us this week as we do just that! 

We will first meet at 780 3rd Avenue to take in the two giant murals by Eduardo Korba: "Genius is to Bike Ride" and "The Brave of 9/11".  You might not know this artist by name, but if you have been on the streets of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens or even Jersey City, you have seen his enormous colorful murals.  Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil and influenced by the hip-hop culture, he has installed more than 500 murals in cities around the world.  This week we will celebrate his work in our sketchbooks.

 For more information about the artist and his NYC murals, click here:

Then we will walk a few block away to one of the oldest and most successful vest pocket parks in NYC.  Newly renovated and ready for visitors, we will eat lunch, sketch and enjoy a day in this unique space complete with beautiful trees and a waterfall. 

Greenacre Park – New York, New York - Atlas Obscura

Questions, comments and RSVP directly to 
DO NOT respond to this email as you inquiry will go to a "dead letter" file. 



                        780 THIRD AVE between 48th and 49th Streets
                        GREENACRE PARK
                         217 East 51 St  between 3rd Ave and 2nd Ave on the north side of the street

TRANSPORTATION:  E, M Train to 53rd St and 3rd Ave. 6 train to 51St Street


  • Looking for us?  Call or text Meryl at 646-248-9362
  • Seating is available but bringing a stool gives you options.
  • Food, water and bathrooms are available in CitiCorp Building at 53rd Street and 3rd Avenue

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