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Weekday Sketchers at Nivola Horses Wednesday

chubby horsies ...

An Urban Sketchers Bedtime Tale

Once upon a time there was a herd of horses designed by the artist Constantino Nivola who lived happily on the Upper West Side in a public space by the Stephen Wise Towers. Then one day some evil vandals lopped off their muzzles. There they sat for years and years, disfigured and silent until there was a water main break.  The plaza that they sat on had to be ripped up but the construction crew, instead of carefully removing them, cut off all their legs and carted them away, leaving their little stumps on the plaza. 

Costantino Nivola's Wise Towers Horses Are Getting New Feet

So sad ....  But like all good stories, this has a happy ending,  This caused an outcry from art historians and the Italian museum dedicated to Nivola's work and a promise was made to restore the horses.  Of course it took years longer than planned, but they are now repaired and installed where they belong, waiting for us to capture their images in our sketch books!

Join us this week to pay homage to these little horses and celebrate a hidden gem of art hiding in plain sight on the Upper West Side.

Additional sketching sites are available in the West Side Community Garden across the street. Another nearby sketch site is the beautiful cast iron bridge, known as the Gothic Bridge, is only one block away in Central Park.

Nivola's Horses

For information about the horses and the restoration, click here:

Questions, comments and RSVP directly to
DO NOT respond to this email as you inquiry will go to a "dead letter" file. 



                        117 WEST 90TH STREET
                        Between Columbus and Amsterdam Aves

TRANSPORTATON: B, C to 86th Street
                                    Walk north to 90th Street and West to the address


RSVP directly to Meryl Greenblatt
Looking for us? Call or text Meryl at ‭(646) 248-9362‬
Bring a stool
There are no facilities at the site.  Bring water and food as needed
There are bathrooms at the Trader Joes on Columbus Ave

Bridge 28 DSC 5457
Gothic Bridge 

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