Monday, December 30, 2013

Crayons and iPads

The NYC Urban Sketch Group met at the Museum of the Moving Image.

What a great place!

Although they were very generous allowing us to paint, sketch and draw as we pleased I decided that Saturday was going to be the day that I explored using an iPad as a sketching medium.  No pens, no pencils, no brushes, no watercolor or gouache.  No sketchbooks, and no paper.

You lose something and you gain something.  There's a tactile experience that's missing when you work on a sheet of glass.  Corrections are much easier, which was fortunate because the whole process was so different and everything seemed labored and awkward in the beginning.

Saturday was the day to try all this because Patricia Gaignat (wearing a red in the picture above)  was going to be there.  She is my inspiration for all things iPad.  Having her around for help was a really bonus.

The thing that's intriguing is you bring whatever skill you have at art to whatever medium you chose.  You really don't overcome your limitations by changing from watercolor to an iPad.  On the other hand you are able to express yourself in new ways.  To my eye, these sketches don't look like my usual stuff:

On the other hand the next three drawing look more like my usual drawings.   The first was a pen drawing I did of a guy in the cafeteria.  Patty showed me how to import it to the iPad where I added color.   The second drawing was done entirely on the iPad and shows Susan, Patty and Joan in conversation.  The third shows Sunil as we sat in the Cafeteria deciding what we were going to do for lunch:

I you draw someone in public
there's an excellent chance
they'll have a cellphone in their hand

Susan, Patty and Joan


We went  to a Pizza Uno for lunch.  They had a huge basket filled with brand new crayons, - to keep the children amused.  I selected a new Red and a Blue.  I kept looking for a Yellow, but there were none. The woman who showed us to our table confirmed that there never are any yellow crayons.   Corporate only sends Red, Blue and Green.  Apparently Pizza Uno has a policy about yellow crayons!?!   Clearly a policy intended to keep you focused on the food at the expense of color mixing.   I should write a letter and complain  

I settled for a new Green and sketched Jimmy who sat opposite me:


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  1. Mark, I think you did a great job with the iPad...interesting to see the difference in the sketches done with and without. Looks like having Pat around was really helpful. The museum was fun! Glad we joined with everyone.


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