Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sketching at the Museum of the Moving Image

Since we knew we were going to be sketching indoors all day, plus the fact that we weren't really sure what we would find in the Museum of the Moving Image, Susan and I headed out earl and did a sketch in Long Island City. Every time we pass this spot Susan says we should sketch we finally did.

Next we headed over to meet the group at the museum. I started with a sketch of a very early film projector 35 mm Simplex E - 7. I forgot to write down the date, but it looked pretty old.

In the same room were some old TVs. This was the largest direct-view set sold by RCA before WWII. I didn't realize they were around quite that long. Look at that tiny screen...even smaller than an iPad screen...not easy to watch from across the room. This was circa 1939.

Then I headed into the room that had reproductions of props and costumes.
There was a statue of Yoda.

Although I am not a fan of horror movies I sketched the razor glove from "Nightmare on Elm Street" and an oversized sweater from "A Nightmare on Elm Street and the Dream Master.

There were some mutoscopes from 1899 which are sort of like watching a movie but you are actually seeing a flip book inside that flips while you are turning the crank.

There was a section that had toys, puppets, games, lunch pails, and assorted memorabilia from early tv programs. This is a Howdy Doody marionette, c. 1955. It was one of the shows I loved watching as a kid.

At lunch I sketched a few people from other resemblance whatsoever. lol

I went back and sketched a Pebbles Flintstone doll, c. 1963. She was so cute!

Finally I sketched the "candy counter" inside the Jungle Theater. I'm not sure why the jungle theater had an Egyptian them but it did. lol

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  1. Nice Joan. You were very productive. We seemed to gravitate to the same things.

    Where is the spot that you and Susan said you always wanted to sketch. Nice job, but I don' recognize the location. Right, what was with the Egyptian theme?


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