Thursday, December 26, 2013

Sketching the Columbus Circle area

We started sketching across the street from Central Park with a view looking east of Columbus Circle

The View Looking East from Columbus Circle

Then we went to sketch the Heart Tower.  The bottom was completed in the 1920's and the top was the first major construction project in NYC after 9/11.  It's a visual puzzle.  On the outside the two buildings completely ignore each other, but I understand that on the inside, the architect has blended the old and new buildings to make a unified beautiful interior.

Eventually we got cold.  The day was surprising warm but it was time for some food and warmth.  We went to the food court at the 10 Columbus Circle.  As Lance came down the escalator he spotted us sketching and took this picture:

I did quick sketches of the people at the other tables:

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  1. Mark, these were fun locations to sketch! Thanks for continuing to organize our outings. The photo from Lance is great isn't it? I love the view and the composition is great!


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