Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Sketching the New York Historical Society, December 7, 2013

The day began on the subway getting to the museum.   I noticed a woman sketching, at least I thought she was sketching.  So, I sketched her.

Woman sketching while
waiting for the subway
When I got into the train, she sat opposite me.  I started sketching her again, between glances I realized she was sketching me.  That was a first.

The New York Historical Society has a clearly stated rule.  You can sketch, but you can only use pencil.  It wasn't a rule that was diligently supervised.  There weren't guards rushing over to make sure you were following the museum's Prime Directive.   But, I mostly used pencil.  What a great medium.  It doesn't scan that well, so the reproductions are kind of thin, but I really enjoyed myself.

Ceramic Sculpture of Verrazano

An Advertising knick-knack 

James shared his sketches with us

Father and Daughter

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