Sunday, December 15, 2013

Suburban Sketching Dec. 12, 13 & 14, 2013

(this is a compilation of three blog posts)

Neighborhood 1

I was restless. I had one place in mind to sketch but all the parking spots with a view were taken so I faced in the opposite direction and, warm in the car, sketched a portion of the nondescript strip mall on the other side of the wide road. I gave myself exactly one hour and sort of stuck to to that. The 7 extra minutes don’t really count.

See the little bit of tan building on the left? Dunkin’. Hmm. Maybe I wasn’t restless at all just having a caffeine rush.

(iPad; ArtRage app)

Neighborhood 2

Snow is in the forecast for today. I should be working but someone wanted the day off yesterday so I was asked if I would work then instead of now. Yes! Yes! Yes! I was looking forward to meeting up with the NYC Urban Sketchers but, since quite a few of them travel a fair distance to get into the city, it was cancelled due to the potentially perhaps supposed to be heavy snowfall. Bummer.

When I arrived home after work yesterday afternoon I turned up the heat and went back out. I did some subUrban Sketching and took a bit of artistic license. The facade really is that color but the purple is all me. Or maybe ice cream stores have colorful auras? Again I allotted myself 60 minutes. More or less.

Then I crossed the parking lot, went inside and got the SNOW EMERGENCY ICE CREAM SUPPLY.

(iPad; Finngr Pro and ArtRage apps; New Trent Arcadia stylus.)

(And then on the cancelled Saturday, instead of sketching happily out and about with the NYC Urban Sketchers, this is what I did while it snowed.)

For a few hours before the fix my red hooded coat was part of this ensemble. Afterwards, things in working order but house still quite frigid, to make it possible to eat lunch in a ladylike etiquette-rich manner I shucked the coat (how tacky!) and wrapped myself in a red/black/brown/beige fringed fake wool blanket. My glittery pseudo diamond and pearl encrusted barrette completed the look.

(iPad; Sketch Club app (sketch drawn from life in mirror – did not flip it since this is how I see me), ArtRage app (painting and journalling); New Trent Arcadia stylus.)

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  1. Pat - glad you kept yourself busy sketching...maybe it took your mind off the cold house for a few minutes. These are great.


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